Formed in 2009, Sage Construction was founded by James Wise along with sons, Christopher and Nicholas, on the principles of Quality, Integrity and Value. The family business is led by James with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. As a founder and partner in Nexus Construction for 20 years, James has been an industry leader in custom home construction on the West Side of Vancouver.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Christopher and Nicholas both completed their training as journeymen carpenters and are now highly respected project managers. Together, they bring over 70 years of custom home building experience as well as industry leading innovation to their award winning team.

As they move forward, the Sage Team continues to grow with the addition of many talented professionals, including project manager Vince Dumas who over the years have become as close as family.

James, Chris, Nick and Vince are very excited to be working together sharing their experience and expertise, while providing their founding principles of Quality, Integrity and Value to your projects.